Specialty Sandwiches​

Served with potato salad or Cole slaw - sub fries add $1.50 (half sandwich - half price + $1.50)

Buffalo Chicken – Grilled or fried chicken breast tossed with buffalo sauce dressed with lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, and ranch or blue cheese dressing on sesame bun...$8.75

Turkey Club - Turkey, swiss, bacon, lettuce, tomato & honey mustard on a honey wheat hoagie...$8.75

Muffaletta – Genoa salami, ham, provolone cheese & olive salad on an Italian roll...$8.75

Reuben - Corned Beef, swiss, sauerkraut & russian dressing on rye bread...$8.75

Cindy Special - Grilled chicken, sautéed mushrooms, pepperjack, cheese, lettuce, pickle and creole mustard on 6 grain bun...$8.75

Turkey Bacon Avocado - Turkey, bacon, sliced avocado on croissant...$8.75

Three Little Piggies - Roasted pork loin, pulled pork & bacon French with coleslaw, BBQ sauce, and mayo...$8.75

Veggie Sandwich - Grilled portabella, tomato. carrots, sprouts, mixed greens, fresh water mozzarella & basil thyme aioli on a 6 grain roll...$8.45

Traditional Club - Ham, turkey, roast beef, bacon, lettuce tomato & mayo on white or wheat bread...$8.95

Stacker - Turkey, ham, roast beef, swiss letuce, tomato & mayo on French bread...$8.95

Cuban - Roasted pork, ham, swiss, pickles & creole mayo on French bread...$8.75

Chicken Cordon Bleu – Grilled or fried chicken breast, ham, swiss & Dijon dressing on croissant...$8.75

Orleans – Fries, roast beef debris & cheese of your choice, on french bread...$7.45

Cup of Soup & 1/2 Sandwich – Your choice of sandwich (traditional club not included) & soup of the day...$7.25

Deli Sandwiches & Burgers

Served with potato salad or coleslaw - sub fries add $1.50 (half sandwich – half price + $1.50) Add cheese $.75. Choice of breads white, wheat, french, croissant, honey wheat, sesame bun & 6-grain

BNC Burger – Half pound 100%% beef dressed with lettuce, tomato, pickle on a sesame bun.. Additonal topping $.75...$7.75

BBQ Bacon Burger – BNC burger with bacon, pepperjack cheese, grilled onions & BBQ sauce...$8.95

Shroom & Swiss Burger – BNC burger with swiss and sautéed mushrooms...$8.75

Chicken – Grilled or fried...$7.25

Pulled Pork...$7.25

Chicken or Tuna Salad...$6.95

Turkey or Ham...$6.95

California Burger – BNC burger with avocado, jack cheese & sautéed onions...$8.95

Blues Burger – BNC burger with bacon, blue cheese and grilled onions...$8.95

Hottie Cheeseburger – BNC burger with jalapeno, pepperjack cheese & sriracha mayo...$8.75

Hot Roast Beef...$8.45

Corned Beef...$6.95

Hot Sausage...$7.25


Salads & Wraps

Dressings - Ranch, balsamic vinaigrette, caesar, blue cheese, remoulade, creole honey mustard, 1000 island, raspberry vinaigrette. Wraps - Whole wheat, garlic herb

BNC Caesar – Romaine, tomato, red onion, croutons & parmesan cheese. Add grilled or fried chicken - $2.00...$6.75

Club – Ham, turkey, roast beef, swiss, bacon, tomato, red onion & romaine...$8.75

Pilgrim – Turkey, blue cheese, dried cranberries, walnuts, red onion & mixed greens...$8.75

Greek – Baby Spinach, artichoke, tomato, black olives, red onion, feta, & pepperoncini...$8.25

Chicken Remoulade – Romaine, egg,, avocado, tomato & red onion..Grilled or Fried Chicken...$8.75

Grilled Portabella – mixed greens, tomatoes, red onion, carrots, sprouts & fresh mozzarella cheese...$8.25

Crispy Chicken Club – Fried tenders, bacon, cheddar, tomato, red onion & romaine...$8.75

Cobb – Ham, bacon, blue cheese, egg, red onion, tomato & romaine...$8.75

Sicilian Chicken – Grilled chicken, sun dried tomato, artichoke, red onion & baby spinach...$8.75

Italian – Salami, ham, provolone cheese, red onion romaine & olive salad...$8.45

Sides & Beverages

Soup of the day - Cup-$4.50 Bowl-$5.50

Cold Slaw / Potato Salad...$1.75

Chicken Tenders & Fries...$8.45

Side Caesar / Green Salad...$2.50

Fries - (Add cheese $.75) (Add Roast Beef $1.50)...$2.50

Sweet Potato Fries...$3.25

Bread Pudding with Sauce...$3.95

Cup of Soup & Side Salad...$6.25

Fountain Drinks (Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Barqs, Pink Lemonade) (free refills)...$2.25

Bottled Drink & Water...$2.25

Iced Tea (Sweet or Unsweet) (free refills)...$2.25

Can Drinks...$1.00


All omelets made with 3 extra large eggs. Served with grits, toast or biscuit. Egg whites only add $1.00, Add Meats - $1.75, Cheese - $.75, Veggies $.65

Western - Ham, bell peppers, onions & tomatoes...$7.45

Cheese - Choice of american, cheddar, swiss, pepperjack or provolone...$5.95

Popeye - Sauteed spinach, onions & mushroom...$7.25

My Way - Plain omelet add toppings per pricing above...$5.25

Meat & Cheese - bacon, ham or sausage & choice of cheese...$6.95

Fire Breather - Hot sausage, jalapeno peppers & pepperjack cheese...$7.25

Veggie -Bell pepper, tomato, mushroom & onion...$7.25

Greek - Sauteed spinach, black olives, onions & feta cheese...$7.25

Breakfast Plates

Extra large eggs. Poached or egg whites only add $1.00, Add Ons Meats – $1.75, Cheese - $.75 Veggies - $.65, Sub Hash Browns Add $1.00

1 Egg Breakfast...$3.45, With Meat...$4.45 (Choice of ham, bacon, or sausage)

2 Egg Breakfast...$4.25, With Meat...$5.45 (Choice of ham, bacon, or sausage)
Served with grits, toast, or biscuit

French Toast - 4 Pieces...$4.25
French Toast - 6 Pieces...$5.25
Served with powdered sugar and syrup.

The Bubba - A fresh baked biscuit, two sausage pates and two eggs any style. Served open face and covered with sawmill gravy. Side of grits included...$8.45

BNC Breakfast Bowl - Double order of grits with your choice of meat, sautéed onions, bell peppers & tomato covered with two eggs any style. Served with toast or biscuit...$8.25


2 Cakes...$4.25

3 Cakes...$5.25
Add blueberries, chocolate chip or pecans $1.00.

New Hampshire Street Hash - Hash browns with sautéed onions, bell peppers & your choice of ham, bacon or sausage covered with two eggs any style. Toast or biscuit included...$8.25

Red Flannel - Corned beef hash with sautéed onions & bell peppers covered with two eggs any style (we suggest over easy). Served with toast or biscuit...$8.25

Sawmill Gravy & Biscuit...$3.95

Breakfast Sandwiches

Extra large egg served on toast or biscuit. Egg will be scrambled unless specifed. Sub croissant or bagel add $.75 Dressed add $.50, Poached or egg whites only add $1.00


Egg & Cheese...$2.75

Egg & Meat...$3.45

Egg, Meat & Cheese...$4.25


Meat (bacon, ham, mild or hot sausage paty)...$2.75

Meat & Cheese...$3.25

BLT w/ mayo...$3.95

Breakfast Sides & Beverages

Egg (poached or egg whites only add $1.00)...$1.45

Breakfast Meat (bacon, ham, mild or hot sausage paty)...$2.15

Biscuit or Toast...$1.45

Breakfast Bread (croissant or bagel)...$1.95

Grits (cup/bowl)...$1.75/$2.75

Debris Grits (cup/bowl)...$2.75/$4.25

Hash Browns...$2.25

Add Meat...$1.75Cheese...$.75Veggies...$.65


Coffee / Hot Tea (free reflls)...$1.85

Hot Chocolate...$1.95

Milk (white or chocolate) (small / large)...$1.95 /$2.75

Juice (orange, apple, cranberry)...$1.95/ $2.75

Fountain Drink or Iced Tea (free refills)...$2.25